Summer Project / Training / Internships and Summer Research Programs

“Summer Project” or “Summer Training” is a short term research training programme. Students in the prefinal year of MSc. or B. Tech / M. Tech /B.Sc. Degrees can pursue short term training in organic synthesis, Chemistry Literature, or related areas from organic chemistry research. These short-term training are opportunities to learn from real-world experience to gain a professional edge.
The procedure for this involves the student getting in touch with us before coming to do the Summer Project and the scientist agreeing to guide/mentor the student for a specified period. Once it is finalized, a formal application is made to the university. After acceptance from the university, the student deposit fee as per norms university and sponsoring agency.

1. Formal application to the Head of the department
2. An official request (hard copy) letter from the Head of the Division of their University/Institute/College.
3. Name of the PI who has agreed to accept the student as a “Summer Trainee” for the duration of the project.

At the end of the Summer training programme, the student is expected to submit a report.

If you are interested in our area of research, send your queries to research [at] orgsyn [dot] in

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