1. Give a detailed explanation of the role of metal Ions on the Biological system.
  2. What is Heamprotein? Explain the role of Haemoglobin and Myoglobinon oxygen uptake. Give an account of the physiological and kinetic model.
  3. Discuss briefly the Michael's-Menten equation.
  4. Explain Chemical Nitrogen Fixation.
  5. What are Enzymes? Describe the Nomenclature and Classification of enzymes
  6. Describe the use of enzymes in the food and drink industry, brewing, and cheese making.
  7. Write short notes on Vitamin B12.
  8. Write short notes on Lipoic Acid.
  9. Explain the A.D.P. & A.T.P.
  10. Explain Biological cell structure.
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