[1624663245] by GuillaumeSome important details about this option:
  • Nspages will render by default only the metadata title, user, and date.created. Admins can configure it to accept more metadata. The reason to not allow everything by default is to ensure this feature won't leak private information (for instance allowing to display the IP of the editors would be a bad idea on a public wiki)
  • The list of metadata available by default in Dokuwiki is available in the documentation
  • It can be use along with other plugins that adds support for custom metadatas (like the meta plugin). (Don't forget to add those other metadata in the accept-list of nspages)
Some (important) points
  • With version older than 2014-08-10, you should put ~~NOCACHE~~ in the pages where you use this plugin, to make sure that if you create or remove a page in the namespace, it will be taken into account. Now, nspages automatically deactivate the cache on the pages where it is used (you can deactivate this behaviour on the admin panel).
  • The CSS sheet should be taken into account in order for this plugin to work correctly; but because of the cache system it may not be the case the first time you use this plugin (even if ~~NOCACHE~~ is specified). The easier way to resolve this is to make sure your cache is invalidated by touching conf/local.php (eg. by resaving your configuration)
  • Currently, you may not use a > in the -textPages and -textNS options, since it is understood as the end of the

    Pages in this namespace:

    S cont.
  • When you change the default markup inserted by the toolbar button (throught the admin dashboard), you may need to purge your caches to have this change taken into effect (see also the bug report):
    • Clean the cache of you DokuWiki
    • Force your browser to reload it's cache, typically by pressing Ctrl+F5, or Shift+F5


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