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Chemistry of Natural Products @question_bank
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====== Chemistry of Natural Products ====== * Discuss the constitution of beta-carotene. * Discuss the constitution of Abietic acid. * Discuss the structure and synthesis of Atropine. * Dis
Application of Spectroscopy @question_bank
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====== Application of Spectroscopy ====== - Discuss the effect of solvent on UV-visible spectra with example. - Discuss Fieser Woodward's rules for conjugated dienes with examples. - Discuss the solvent effect on vibrational frequencies
Organic Chemistry @question_bank
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====== Organic Chemistry ====== Write short notes on: \\ Congo red \\ Skraup's synthesis\\ Chemical Properties of Pyrrole \\ Explain the mechanism of nucleophilic substitution reaction of pyridin
Organic Synthesis @question_bank
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====== Organic Synthesis ====== * Explain Chemoselectivity. * Explain Stereoselectivity. * Explain Alkene synthesis. * Explain 1, 3 - difunctiondised compounds. * Explain different methods of oxidative processes.
Bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry @question_bank
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======Bioorganic and bioinorganic chemistry ====== * Unordered List ItemDescribe the structure of hemoglobin * Double helix structure of
Biochemistry @question_bank
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====== Biochemistry ====== - Give a detailed explanation of the role of metal Ions on the Biological system. - What is Heamprotein? Explain the role of Haemoglobin and... unt of the physiological and kinetic model. - Discuss briefly the Michael's-Menten equation. - E
Question Bank @question_bank
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===== Question Bank ====== To help students, here is the subject/topic wise question bank. The questions have been selected from various examinations of d