ORGLIST was a discussion forum dedicated to Organic Chemistry. It was founded in 1997 and implemented as a free Internet mailing list (listserv). The original list was maintained by  list coordinator (João Aires de Sousa).

The mailing list helped a lot and once it had 500 chemist before the list was closed in August 2011. The new list was created on google groups and have less than 100 subscriber. The list is not active now.

This mailing list was very useful resource to discuss the experimental difficulties among the community and experienced chemists. One can visit the Archive Here and

There are other several forums and groups in this virtual world to discuss or ask a question. But the none have the pool like OrgList!!!



 Available tools | Google,  emolecules,  ChemSpider,  AltaVista, ChemFinder,  ChemExper  | the ORGLIST archive | Chemical Information Tools


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